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Colonoscopies and other endoscopic procedures allow physicians to view the digestive and respiratory tracts. We offer advanced endoscopy services at Anderson Regional Medical Center and Anderson East Mississippi Endoscopic Center.

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Endoscopy Procedures

During an endoscopy procedure, a thin, lighted tube — called an endoscope — is inserted into your body either through your mouth or your rectum. A camera at the end of this tube transmits images, allowing the physician to clearly view the desired area in your digestive or respiratory tract. If needed, tiny instruments can be passed through this tube to remove a small sample of tissue for biopsy or to treat any abnormal areas.

Endoscopic procedures may be performed for the following purposes:

  • Diagnostic — to help identify and analyze medical conditions
  • Screening — to help prevent diseases, such as colon cancer
  • Therapeutic — to treat a disease or remove abnormal tissues

Specific Types of Endoscopy Procedures

Your doctor may order a specific endoscopy procedure for you in response to your symptoms, such as difficulty swallowing, breathing problems, nausea or abdominal pain. Colonoscopies are typically performed as a preventive screening for polyps that could lead to colon cancer.

Anderson offers a range of specialized endoscopic procedures and treatments, each focusing on a specific organ or area in your body, including:

  • Upper GI Endoscopy — checks your stomach, esophagus and the first part of your small intestine for a variety of medical conditions
  • Lower GI Endoscopy — checks your colon and rectum for possible concerns, including polyps that may lead to cancer
  • Bronchoscopy — checks your windpipe and the airways to your lungs
  • Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography (ERCP) — checks your gall bladder, pancreas and bile ducts



In this Medical Minute, Dr. Anthony Thomas discusses the importance of a screening colonoscopy to detect colon cancer early and what to expect during the procedure.

Colonoscopy Prep Instructions